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bcp005.1 - worms of the earth - the whores of carcosa
bcp005.1 - worms of the earth - the whores of carcosa
bonus ep now sold out

bcp005 - worms of the earth - the angels of prostitution

CD available. Available as a digital download

released: may, 2008

entering the 8th year of the new millennium, the horrors of the coming century have begun to reveal themselves. the alignment of unseen black stars, twisted and hideous techno-religious rites, and the dystopia corruption of nature have resulted in the unleashing of worms of the earth, who, with trans-mundane elegance, manifests itself as crushing blasphemous beats, shambling broken machine noise, and dark arcane ambience.

worms of the earth, the latest discovery of degenerate industrial label bugs crawling out of people, plants itself firmly in the sparse forest of the new generation of industrial-noise music; merging the organic with the technological, and the orthodox with the profane to create epic and mysterious compositions that stimulate the listener both in body as well as in mind.

after self-releasing several albums, worms of the earth is posed to reveal the groundbreaking album that will showcase its continuous evolution, breaking away from anything even remotely hinted at in previous material. unrestrained by contrived dogma or the hackneyed boundaries of any sub genre within industrial music, worms of the earth reveals a broad spectrum of music that blends together the brutal sounds of power noise and aggrotech with arcane atmospheres and occult theology.

the angels of prostitution, a term derived from ancient jewish mysticism describing a group of succubi, traces the lineage of the female as a demonic figure from its origins in the darker corners of the christian's garden of eden, up through the fanatical witch hunts of 17th and 18th century europe, and into the veiled corners of modern american society.

the angels of prostitution is an ancient hulking mechanical apparatus gone haywire with demonic fervor.. sounds buried deep within the earth in time immemorial.. forbidden sounds of latent human evil that had been erased from our collective memory.. until now. inscribed with the language of the ancients, it demolishes any in its cursed path, leaving only sorrow in its wake.

it features condemning text vocalized by wordcore artist it-clings along with five interpretations by prominent up-and-coming industrial acts who were cursed with the task of remixing these forbidden works: dead man's hill, dym, embodi, to mega therion, and vicious alliance.

the first 50 copies came with a bonus disc containing 4 previously unreleased tracks showcasing the dark esoteric ambient side of worms of the earth and 5 additional remixes by autovoice, ghosts in the clocktower, re: dux tion, roto visage, and vicious alliance. now sold out