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bcp031 death of self vs it-clings - the worst song in the world shirts
Limited edition bcp031 death of self vs it-clings - the worst song in the world shirts.

bcp031 - Death of Self vs it-clings - The Worst Song in the World

release date: Friday Oct 23rd, 2020

Available on limited edition vinyl 7" and digital download

Prepare yourself for the pivotal event of 2020! When you look back at 2020 you will think about this: Death of Self joining forces with it-clings to release a two track single: The Worst Song in the World. Yeah, that's right, a sentence with double colons. We could have maybe used quotes or italics instead of that second colon, but we didn't and we're fine with that. Think of one colon being Death of Self and the other it-clings. Now everything makes sense. Now everything is right with the world.

You might disagree and point to this single as proof that all is not right with the world.

But you're wrong. Although this single is a horrible monstrosity there also just happens to be something perfect about it. These two tracks should be able to effect you emotionally, in some sort of way. Listen to it again and again. Let it wash over you. Yeah, maybe we're living in terrible times, maybe existence is a tragedy. It is nothing but an endless cycle of monotony after all. You struggle through five days of the week only to encounter the patheticness of the weekend, a goal that seems, when it comes down to it, sort of empty and hollow. But you struggle... and isn't there value in that struggle? Isn't there nobility in that? Actually, no and no. No there is not.

Will the truth about how this single came about ever be revealed? it-clings has stated for the record that he is far too ashamed to reveal the truth. Why did Death of Self get involved? He was down for it the second it-clings suggested it to him. Perhaps he's a glutton for self punishment. That could explain things.

Anyway, with the release of this masterpiece we hope that your Fridays will never the be the same. We hope that this track, becomes, in your misguided mind, the epitome of "the Song of the Summer of 2020". That's what you, summer and the year 2020 all deserve! It doesn't matter that it was released post-summer. You can look back and remember whatever you want, if you only put a little effort into it. Think of THAT as this song's gift to you.


Music by Death of Self
Vocals by it-clings and Death of Self
Mastered by Worms of the Earth
Cover Art by KClay Photo
bcp logo by B. Benoit

Friday Originally by Clarence Jeyaretnam and Patrice Wilson
Copyright Miam Music Publishing

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