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bugs crawling out of people

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bcp000 - it-clings - fuck it all

release date: june 18th, 2009

CD sold out. Digital download available.

we heard what you said: "why the fuck should I buy a bunch of crappy fucking cds or hunt down a pile of digital downloads by talentless hacks just to get my hands on all the it-clings tracks! this is total fucking bullshit." and you know what, you're 100% correct. why the fuck should you waste your bandwidth downloading bullshit songs by bullshit artists when all you really want is to get your dirty hands on a collection of it-clings tracks?

that's what this cd is: it's all the it-clings tracks put together into one god damned hit parade of a bitter angry yell fest.

did we ask anyone's permission before releasing this? fuck no. in essence it's totally illegal. are we concerned about this? fuck no. anyone who has a problem with this release can kiss my mother fucking asshole.

although when you sit back and listen to it-clings track after it-clings track you should start to ask yourself, "who the fuck is this angry belligerent asshole? and why the fuck should I be listening to his bullshit ideas?" and to this there is no response. maybe even listening to a legitimate copy of this cd should be illegal. maybe you should have just stuck with listening to all the other safe tracks from all those other crappy cds that you didn't even buy in the first place. it-clings is obviously deranged. he is obviously a grave threat to your safe moral code.

but at least, you're now thinking, that buying this cd will help keep the music industry alive, will help keep artists producing quality music, will make you feel good for supporting the artists behind the music you love and all that other total bullshit propaganda you've been hearing. but really, as soon as you buy this cd the money will be instantly gone, spent on useless bullshit and drugs and booze. probably the money you spend on this cd will end up, through a few ill thought of transactions, right in the hands of the terrorists that wish to destroy you. and to be honest, those terrorists probably should destroy you. you are horrible people!

but guess what, fuck it all. don't fucking buy it. why don't you try to download it for free from somewhere? or get some friend of yours to buy it and then rip his copy of it. just don't buy it off of any of those god damned russian sites. download it for free or not at all, for fuck's sake! what are you, fucking stupid?